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A la Carte Dinner Menu available

11 am - 2 pm & 5:30 - 9 pm

Thursday November 28


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      Le Mistral Chef’s Table: Houston’s Behind-the-Scenes Dining Experience

      Looking for a truly unique dining experience? One you can share with a small party of friends, family or colleagues? How about savoring a personalized choice of food selections that are off the menu? Do you relish the mere thought of meeting and interacting with the chef? If you’re answering with an audible  “yes” crescendo, it’s time to get out of the dining room and into the kitchen. Your one-of-a-kind, behind-the-scenes dining experience awaits you at Le Mistral, at our Chef’s Table.

      Evening at a Glance
      I am Chef David Denis, co-owner and executive chef at Le Mistral. I personally host each Chef’s Table experience, pouring out my heart and soul to bring it to life. Here’s a look at what your special evening entails.

      1. Creating Your Custom Menu
        To ensure each guest is nothing short of thrilled with the evening’s food selections, I get to know you and begin by asking specific questions about the food preferences of your party. Based on our conversation, I craft a selection of imaginative, flavorful dishes, completely tailored to your tastes. 
      2. In the Heart of the Action
        In the midst of the kitchen hustle and bustle, you and your guests will be up close and personal with me and my staff for the evening as we prepare and serve your completely customized five-course dinner. Enjoy your front-row seat to a culinary performance like no other.
      3. Dine and Wine
        As the evening progresses, you will feel the passion and artistry of crafts that we, the Denis brothers, have mastered. Prepare to be amazed by fresh local ingredients and inventive combinations. Each course arrives as individual works of culinary art, equally tempting your eyes and taste buds. From appealing appetizers through delectable desserts, my goal is to delight you.

        And of course no elegant French dinner would be complete without perfectly paired wines. My brother, Co-owner and Sommelier Sylvain Denis, is credited for amassing one of the most outstanding collections of French wines in Houston. Sylvain hand selects each wine to exquisitely complement the evening’s cuisine and always welcomes the opportunity to discuss the nuances of each with your party.
      As the last morsel is consumed, the last sip is taken and the evening draws to a close, I assure you will never forget your behind-the scenes experience at Le Mistral Chef’s Table. Houston’s best French restaurant does not disappoint.

      A Critically Acclaimed Dining Experience
      Our Chef’s Table at Le Mistral has become quite noteworthy. Local foodie fave My Table magazine first proclaimed Stunning Food Shines at Chef’s Table. And word has spread. Zagat, the renowned international go-to source for exceptional dining, recently counted Le Mistral among their 7 Standout Chef’s Tables in Houston, further stating in their restaurant overview that regulars report an evening at ‘the chef’s table in the kitchen is extraordinary.’”

      Make Reservations

      I look forward to personally welcoming you to Le Mistral and into my kitchen. For more information or to reserve our Chef’s Table, please contact us at 832-379-8322 or

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