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Thursday November 28


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      Truffle Menu: A Chef's Insight

      Truffle season.  It’s a wonderful time for your taste buds to dance with the anticipation of a flavor.  Have you ever wondered what goes through a Chef’s mind when he/she begins the process of developing a menu specific to this wonderful ingredient?  As Executive Chef and Co-owner of Le Mistral Restaurant, one of Houston’s most popular French restaurants, allow me to give you some insight. 

      The call from the supplier has come, they have truffles in stock.  Finally, I look forward to this season every year.  Right away I schedule a meeting with the supplier to sample their product. This year I decided to focus on Burgundy truffles. It’s harvested in the region it’s named after and is highly prized for its intense hazelnut-like aroma.  It has a brown or black outer skin and resembles rough bark.  The harvest period for this truffle is September thru December.

      Knowing its flavor profile, my mind starts to race with ideas of different food pairings.  I take my time with this menu; I want to let it develop slowly like I do when I make a roux.  It cannot be rushed.  I know the parameters of my menu and over a few days the pieces start to fall into place.  The outcome is beautiful.

      Please come and enjoy my Truffle Menu this season.  I am proud of my creation and would love for you to enjoy it.

      Shown in picture above:
      Salad of jumbo lump crab, smoked duck breast, sliced burgundy truffle, celery root purée, warm truffle hazelnut oil vinaigrette
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